Ultimate Reset Final Thoughts

October 15, 2012 · 30 comments

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset: My Results, Thoughts and Review

Reasons why I need to get a new computer and an iPhone – I tried to film a video about my experience with the Ultimate Reset. But since I am working with somewhat outdated technology, I failed miserably. Oh well, practice I shall! I’ll hopefully have a video for you guys sooner than later, but I need to upgrade my technology first. So since my video creating was an epic fail, I at least wanted to give you something that you can read.  After all, I did promise that I’d give you the final review of my experience with the Ultimate Reset. 

So as I’m writing this up for you, I have been officially “finished” with the Ultimate Reset for just under one week.  I finished the 21 day plan on Tuesday, 10/9/12.  I began filming my video on Wednesday evening, and as I did so, I was enjoying my first taste of Shakeology in 3 weeks.  I ran out of the Vegan formula before I started the Ultimate Reset, so I was going without.  And three weeks without my healthy chocolate fix? Man I missed that stuff!  So my first thought right now is how happy I am to have Shakeology back in my life.  Welcome back, chocolate healthy friend! 

But anyway, yes.  I finished the Ultimate Reset on 10/9/12.  And after day 21, it was back to my normal life.  No supplement schedule, no timing my meals like I had been for three weeks.  It was back to working my own schedule with my own time.  But you know what, rather than call it “day 1 post-reset,” I have decided to refer to it as “day 22.”  Now you may wonder why, and here’s my explanation.  For me, the Ultimate Reset wasn’t just a 21 day program.  It was the first 21 days of a new lifestyle.  It wasn’t a diet, a weight loss plan, or even just a “detox” for me.  To me, the Ultimate Reset was a crash course in clean eating, energy, focus and food.  The goal is to detox and cleanse your body of all the crap inside, sure, but after that is over, on “day 22,” you can’t go back to doing what you were doing before!  Even if you thought what you were doing before was healthy and ideal, after doing the Ultimate Reset, you have learned so much about what eating clean and healthy REALLY means!  You use these new habits and education on clean eating to continue your journey to health and fitness, and inspire those around you to do the same.  You get back to working out, and you fuel yourself a little bit differently, but you still apply the same principles you learned during this 21 days.  You can’t eat and live how you lived before.  If you do that, you’ve wasted this last 21 days! 

So here I am, on “day 27,” and I am still going strong.  I don’t think I’ve had meat more than once since finishing the Ultimate Reset and I don’t think I’ve had any dairy at all.  And here’s the crazy part: I don’t really miss either one of these things!  I mean, I’m not prepared or motivated to completely eliminate them from my life, but after feeling how I feel without them, I am SUPER motivated to cut back on these things.  The foods that used to be what I turned to when I had a bad day, like chocolate, or pizza or candy…they don’t make me feel good anymore.  In fact, after only a small piece of candy the other day, my stomach just felt upset.  It was like my newly scrubbed-clean internal systems were rejecting it.  It wasn’t enough to make me throw up or anything, but it was enough for my brain to easily get the signal that “one small piece was enough; please don’t put anymore in my mouth.”  And that was that.  Before the Ultimate Reset, I probably would have had 4 or 5 pieces and then decided to make myself stop because otherwise I would be having too many calories.  There was no regard for how my body would react!  See, the Ultimate Reset retrains more than just your insides.  It trains your brain!

That “retraining of the brain” and the syncing of my body and mind when it comes to food, that was my biggest takeaway from the Ultimate Reset.  That alone is a better result than all of the rest of them combined, in my opinion.  Why?  That retraining of my brain can carry on my results forever.  That ability that I now have to link my brain to my habits; that is a permanent, ongoing result.  The rest of them were great, and we’ll get to them in just a second, but this is the big one.  If you get nothing else out of this blog, I want you to know that the Ultimate Reset has taken me from an emotional, “somewhat healthy” eater who thought she ate better than she actually did; someone who ate more junk food than she let on; someone who considered veggies and fruit not enough to be a full meal…to someone who has connected her brain to her eating habits and has taken control!  I am now someone who understands food, understands how to use it to fuel my body properly and how much is “enough.”  I don’t crave junk food, I don’t see veggies and fruit as just a side dish, and now I crave them!  The Ultimate Reset has changed how I look at food and how I look at my habits.

But of course, as I mentioned, there were other positive results!  So what did I see happen in my body?

Ultimate Reset Results

Weight Loss: Here’s the first thing you’re probably wondering about.  How much weight did I lose?  Well, I’m happy to say that I lost 10.4 lbs.  Yes, that is double digits in 21 days.  Your results may vary…they may be higher or lower…but my number was 10.4, and I am more than happy with that!  I have been trying to kick those 10 lbs. to the curb for about the last year and a half.  I’ve been working out like a maniac, and as I mentioned, thinking I was eating well.  But using the food and methods in the Ultimate Reset plan, I was able to drop those 10.4 lbs. EASILY.  This just proves that you can only count on your workout so much!  Workouts are great, and they’re necessary, but if you really want to see results and break that plateau, get your diet in check!

Inches:  I’m not sure of the exact number, as I left the measurements at home.  But I do promise to post them later.  I do remember that many of them I had to do twice, just because I was so SHOCKED with how low that number was!  Like my thigh measurements…I was sure I had done them wrong!  But no, the inches that came off of my body were massive!  As you can see in my before/after photo up there, there is a visible, striking difference!

Energy:  Guys my energy is through the roof.  I’m not even kidding.  And all of this is without caffeine, supplements or anything else I used to rely on to give me a “boost.”  I completely gave up coffee while on the Reset.  I was never a HUGE coffee drinker, but some days (I’d say 3 out of 5 during the work week) I’d grab a cup from the kitchen because I was super sluggish and tired.  But I decided to follow the advice of the guide and not have any coffee at all.  And yes, while during these three weeks, I was craving Starbucks like I never have before, I resisted.  (Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy one of the best pumpkin spice lattes ever this weekend!) I didn’t need that caffeine boost, because I was fully energized by the foods I was eating.  I was energized because I was getting enough sleep.  And it wasn’t just “sleep,” but it was quality sleep.

Cooking Skills: OK, so this is not really a “ measurable result” or anything, but I felt the need to share!  Before the Ultimate Reset, I would call myself “kitchen clueless.” I could follow a recipe, but outside of that, I was lost!  Thankfully the recipes in the Ultimate Reset were not only really GOOD, but super easy to prepare.  Now for someone who has never spent much time in the kitchen, or someone who has a busy schedule, the time spent cooking can be a little overwhelming, but it’s so worth it!  Plus, you’re not setting aside a full hour to work out during the reset, so you have that extra hour right there.  But seriously, so worth it.  The meals are delicious, the foods are easy to find in stores, and for the most part, every ingredient made me feel great. (Not cauliflower or anything seaweed and I’m kind of so-so- with tempeh.)  And what’s really awesome is that even now that the reset is over, I still find myself cooking a lot of these meals!  And I’ve learned a lot about flavor combinations and spices, too, so I’m able to make my own modifications without fear.  I wouldn’t call myself chef-worthy or anything, but after the Ultimate Reset, I’d definitely be confident cooking dinner for other people.  And that’s pretty cool!

Emotions:  As you probably read in my last two write ups, I didn’t have any sort of profound, emotional changes.  Some people did, but I did not.  What I found, however, was that my emotions are more present in me.  What do I mean by that?  Well, when something is wrong, it’s obvious on my face, in my posture and in my voice.  It’s harder for me to hide it, and therefore it’s easier for me to face and deal with, head on.  I feel more connected with my emotions and my thoughts.  I feel like I’m thinking clearly and I have a clear direction anytime I have a problem to tackle.  Now you may wonder, “How is that possible if all you did was eat clean?”  I don’t know!  All I know is that this is what happened for me.  I am more in tune with my emotions and my thoughts.  My focus is super high; my social skills even feel better.  Not that I was socially awkward or anything before, but I think because now I am more relaxed and focused on life, I interact a little bit more fluidly.  Does that make sense?

Negative Experiences:  Along with the positive experiences, every journey has its negatives.  This journey was no exception.  Though not one of these negatives would ever make me regret or reconsider my journey, they deserve to be mentioned!

  • Negative outside feedback:  Just like when you start to lose weight, people will start to make comments; they did that with me during the Ultimate Reset too.  I got a lot of “oh, that’s all you’re eating?!”  And quite a bit of “Why are you dieting?  Do you want to be anorexic or something?” And I even had some people tell me, “you know, what you’re doing isn’t healthy, and it’s nothing more than a fad diet that will be proven unhealthy later on…” but here’s the thing.  The people that say these things to you are either a) uneducated about what the Ultimate Reset is really about, b) jealous of your success, or c) crying out for a way for you to help them get on board. You have to learn not to take comments like this personally.
  • Burnout:  21 days is a short amount of time, but by day 17ish, I was burnt out.  I was burnt out on following the plan, burnt out on taking the supplements, and burnt out on the fact that I couldn’t have much more than fruits and veggies.  My goal was not to “Go Vegan” on the Ultimate Reset, but by week 3, you are eating a completely vegan diet.  So because the third week of meals did not match up with my goals, I felt a little frustrated and burnt out.  But that’s okay!  That’s normal! If you just stay the course and keep going for those last few days, you’ll realize that it was worth it.  Burnout will happen, just as it happens when you try to follow a workout plan.  Just keep going!  The “burnout point” is sometimes the most critical!
  • Shopping:  If you’re like me, going to the store on a daily basis is not exactly something you ever want to do.  I have always enjoyed shopping for a few weeks of food at a time, and then using it all up.  Somehow it has always kept me on budget, and that’s what works for me.  But if you’re eating clean, you’ll see that you’re eating a ton of fresh produce.  And the more “close to nature” your foods are, the faster they will need to be used.  Fruits and vegetables will shrivel, mold and wither away if not used in a proper amount of time.  So I found myself at the store at least once to twice each week.  A little exhausting, but the reward was not having to throw away food that I didn’t use in time.  I didn’t waste any money by letting fruit spoil or letting vegetables go limp.  The extra time was worth it when it came to my meals and how the freshest ingredients made them taste.
  • That first day or two after the Reset:  Once the Ultimate Reset is over, if you are not staying with the vegan diet, it is natural that you will want to slowly reintroduce some of the foods you haven’t had in a few weeks: things like meat, breads, dairy products, etc.  And you have to go slowly.  If you don’t, you’re going to feel disgusting.  Add them back too quickly, and your stomach won’t feel right, you’ll bloat and you’ll just feel awful.  But even if you add them back slowly, you may find that there are foods that trigger that bloated, awful feeling.  So it’s a matter of reading your body, and letting it decide when it’s ready for certain foods to make a comeback, or if those foods even deserve a comeback.  Also, after the Ultimate Reset, you can reintroduce workouts.  Now if you’re like me, you’ve missed working out so much that all you want to do is jump in, head first into P90X or something that’s going to exhaust your body.  But here’s a bit of advice:  hold off!  For about the first week or so after the Reset is over, you only want to work around 50% of your maximum!  Your body needs to readjust to your workouts just as it needed to readjust to the foods!  Plus, these first few days after the reset you might see bloating, water retention (from foods and exercise), and it might be frustrating if you check your weight.  But how do you get past this?  Just remember that this is a necessary transition.  Stick to your plan, don’t freak out, and allow your body time to adjust.

So overall, I have to say that the Ultimate Reset was a RAGING success for me.  I am so thankful that I chose to do this program.  It was exactly what I needed to bust my plateau and really change my habits.  I’ve been on this fitness journey for so long, and I had thought that my body was “done” changing.  I was starting to get into that “well, it’s time to accept what you have and live with it” mindset.  That was the same mindset I had before I found Beachbody in the first place, and I knew that I wasn’t prepared to admit defeat!  The Ultimate Reset was to my brain what Turbo Jam was to my body a few years ago.  It was a jump start.  It was a wake-up call.  It was the solution to my sticking point and a life-changing experience.  It was hard work, yes, but so is anything worth attempting, am I right?  Nothing worth having comes easily, and this program was no exception!  It will take determination.  It will take motivation and a strong desire to stay the course.  It’s not for someone who just wants to try something new.  It’s not for someone who isn’t serious about their changes.  It is for people who, like me, want to truly improve their eating habits, energy levels, and how they feel about their bodies.  It is ideal for people who want to bust a plateau, and it is ideal for those of you who just aren’t quite sure what eating healthy really means.  It is for anyone, whether they are obese or fit, large or small, male or female, young or old.  Whoever you are, whatever your level of fitness and health, the Ultimate Reset is a truly rewarding and worthwhile experience, and I am SO THANKFUL that this program was brought into my life. 

If you want to see changes like mine and start your own “brain training,” I would love to help you.  Now that I’ve been through the journey, I know what it’s like, and I know what it takes!  Don’t be afraid!  We can do this together!  Let’s get you started and get you on track to the healthiest “you” you’ve ever seen!

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