SHREDDING for the Wedding

Yep – Planning a Wedding & Documenting my Fitness

I will do whatever it takes. I know what I want, I know what I want to be, and I am ready for what it will take to get there.  I have waited long enough.  It’s time to take my goal, break it down, make a plan and stick to it!

If you’ve followed me over the years, you know that this last one has been a monster for me.  I haven’t seen much in the area of results.  I had a hard time with my body chemistry after attempting Body Beast for the second time.  It whacked my metabolism so badly that it took me up until just a few weeks ago to really get it back to operating the way I wanted.  (Needless to say, I rendered the final decision that this program is NOT for everyone – and ESPECIALLY not for me.  I gave it two honest shots, and both of them did more harm than good.  I love lifting and will never stop, but that program…no thank you.)  I dealt with elevated stress and cortisol levels, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances and sudden, unexplained weight gain.  All of this caused my motivation to tank – not just in my workouts, but in my life motivation, “coaching” duties and art production.  I was exhausted; mentally and physically.  You’ll probably notice that I no longer “coach” in the way that you would expect from a typical Beachbody Coach.  See, there’s a lot behind that, and maybe I’ll explain it in a total write up one day, but for now I just want you to know this:

I am, and will continue to be a Beachbody Coach.  While I may not be completely on board with the way many coaches operate, the direction the business has taken in the last couple of years, or a good number of their “best-selling products,” I still believe in this company and their ultimate mission.  What they have is great, and it has helped me get to where I am now.  They will always be my go-to for fitness, however, in many ways, I have “outgrown” much of what they promote and disagree with or do not recommend a handful of items.  I love this company, but I also know that in order to truly be successful in fitness, business and life – you have to use your brain and trust your gut, your experiences and your education. I will continue to coach, though it may not be in the same way that you see others doing.  I will continue to use and promote the products, though I will not hesitate to mention when something is not worth your time.  I will continue to invite you to work out with me, though I will not “host challenge groups” or clog up your time.  I’m doing this my way, and if you’d like a real, honest, no bullshit “Coach,” I am here for you. 

Now, all of that said, what’s the story for me now?  Well, in the last month, there has been one MAJOR change in my life:  YOUR GIRL HERE IS GETTING MARRIED.  That is still SUPER weird to actually put in words, and there are still days where I go “wait, what?”  (Then again, there are still days I have to remind myself that my Cubs won the World Series and it wasn’t just a dream…and I cry tears of joy every time!)  But the reality here is that this is actually happening, and I actually get to be one of those girls who proudly wears some cliché shirt about “shredding for the wedding” and browses Pinterest on her coffee breaks.  We haven’t set a date yet – officially – but right now our target is mid-October of 2018.  That could change based on venue availability and money matters, but that’s what our goal is at this time.  So that gives me a little more than one full year to get myself into the best shape of my life (both physically and financially) so it’s time for me to put together a plan.  I always work best when I’m on a deadline – that has been the case since I was in school and had papers due the next day, and it goes for my life with art, fitness, finance and all other major events.  And like most brides-to-be, I absolutely want to look my absolute BEST in one HELL of a dress, so my wedding is one HELL of a deadline!  I wouldn’t say that I have a “weight loss goal” or anything – it’s more of a “refine my shape” goal.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell you exactly what I weigh, because really that number means nothing.  I just want to be firm, sleek, lean and rock whatever dress I choose.  And more importantly – I want my brain to be healthy and my stress to have an outlet that’s not cakes and cookies.  Planning a wedding is going to be hard work, and it’s going to be stressful!  What better way to beat stress than by sweating it up, right?

So this morning, I sat down with my calendar.  I took an honest look at what kind of time I have each day, what my schedule already looks like, what my goals are, and what I can realistically hope to achieve between now and October of next year.  I sat down with a pen and paper (because I’m old school sometimes) and I came up with a workout plan that takes me from TODAY all the way through October 20, 2018.  I know it seems really far away, but it turns out when you break it down into 30/90/21 day chunks, it’s actually not that far away!  Over the next year, pending any sort of changes, I plan to take on a few Beachbody programs to get me to my goal.  They are a few of my favorites, and based on the results I’ve seen with them and the length of each workout, they are what I believe to be my BEST BET for success.  Here is my plan of action – I invite any and all of you to do these with me, and if you’d be interested in being my “virtual workout partner” or an accountability partner, I would be THRILLED to have you!  Brides to be, I’m especially looking at you! 

Dates: Program:
Today – September 30, 2017 Finish up Master’s Hammer & Chisel
October 1, 2017 – November 12, 2017 Shift Shop: including the “advanced” schedule  at the end.
November 13, 2017 – January 17, 2018 Core de Force – 2 rounds with a 4 day Christmas break.
January 18, 2018 – February 7, 2018 21 Day Fix – the Doubles Option
February 8, 2018 – February 28, 2018 21 Day Fix Extreme
March 1, 2018 – March 6, 2018 Vacation – no scheduled workouts
March 7, 2018 – May 7, 2018 INSANITY (yes, the original!)
May 8, 2018 – August 5, 2018 P90X3
August 6, 2018 – September 29, 2018 INSANITY MAX: 30 – “Ab Maximizer” schedule
October 1, 2018 – October 20, 2018 21 Day Fix


While I am following each of these schedules, the new purpose of this blog will be to give a write up on how each day is treating me and how my journey to this wedding date is going.  It may be daily, weekly, whatever.  But you’re going to see my journey as we go, and you’re going to see it often.  As each date draws closer, I will send out an invitation for any and all to join me.  It will not be a “challenge group” like I used to host.  I will not attempt to get you to buy anything (I mean, you’ll need the chosen program) I won’t ask you to join Beachbody as a coach.  I won’t do anything except invite you to workout, share your meals with me, and be my accountability partner and mutual motivation.  If you do decide you want to do things like coach or buy something, hey cool, I won’t stop you!  But that is not my motive at all for this.  I just want to get into incredible shape and would love your support.

I’m so excited to start this chapter of my crazy life, so excited to plan this wedding, and even MORE excited to finally know what direction I want to take this site and this blog.  I’m here to be 100% real, 100% honest, up front and tell you all the details about my fitness plan and journey from now until “I Do.” (Probably long after that, too!) So now, here is my final plea:  if you are a bride to be, or you remember what it was like to be in my shoes before your own wedding, please – I am open to any and all advice!  If you have planning tips, ideas on stress management, recommendations or clever ideas, share them with me!  (ESPECIALLY if you are/were a Chicago bride!)  Leave me a comment, shoot me an email, or come visit me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!  Your girl is BACK IN THE SADDLE, and she’s got a brand new feeling of purpose.  Fall 2018, Wedding Bliss, I am COMING FOR YOU!