Beachbody vs. Weight Watchers: Let’s Compare

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A fellow coach posted this information on his blog, and I had to share.  With the end of the year approaching, and people already starting to think about their resolutions to lose weight in 2013, we are going to see a big push from companies like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and the big one…Weight Watchers.  I wanted to share this information with those of you who are saying that Beachbody is more expensive or doesn’t offer the same things that Weight Watchers does.  Please read on if you’re considering getting in shape, losing weight, or have ever expressed an interest in Beachbody OR Weight Watchers.

Before I post the information, I want to remind you of two things:

  1. This information is not my own.  If you would like to read Chris Balmert’s full post in its original form, you can click here.  Chris is also an Independent Beachbody Coach (and a rockstar one, at that!), and he is a wealth of great information.
  2. In NO WAY am I trying to say that Weight Watchers doesn’t work.  In fact, I believe quite the opposite.  Weight Watchers is a very successful program…if it is the program FOR YOU.  Just like buying a car, committing to your health and fitness should not be all about the flashy first look; it should take research, information and knowledge before you make your selection.  I have known plenty of people who have had PHENOMENAL success with Weight Watchers, but I have also known a larger number of people who have had success with Beachbody and are grateful they did not choose Weight Watchers.  The two programs, while having the same goal in the end of weight loss and health, approach their programs in slightly different ways, and therefore it is a matter of personal preference and what works for you.  This post merely is comparing the features side by side.

From Chris Balmert’s post, Beachbody Club vs. Weight Watchers

“Here is a question I receive on a daily basis, “Which is better, Team Beachbody or Weight Watchers?”  I have several close friends who have used the Weight Watchers online and meetings and have supplied me the answers to my questions below. I have determined that although Weight Watchers commercials are enticing and make you want to run to the computer and join right away, they are not necesarily the best or the most cost effective tool available today, especially for the price tag involved with them.

Team Beachbody has created a Club that rivals ANY program in the industry, with the cold, hard facts to support that. With cutting edge technology they surpass the Weight Watchers program in technology, effectiveness, and cost! I decided I would do a product comparison because those Jennifer Hudson commercials are empowering and it made me realize how much better Team Beachbody Club really is.

Here are some of the benefits of club membership:

Team Beachbody – 10% discount on fitness programs, gear, and supplements
Weight Watchers– Doesn’t offer

Team Beachbody – Full access to Beachbody TV, including exclusive Trainer Tips, Healthy Eating Tips, Style Tips, and Lifestyle Tips
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t offer

Team Beachbody – VIP access to our celebrity Trainers. Watch their videos, ask them questions, and read their motivational articles
Weight Watchers– Doesn’t offer

Team Beachbody – Chat live with your favorite Trainers in the exclusive VIP Chat Room.
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t Offer

Team Beachbody – Personalized meal plans and delicious recipes that make it easy to lose weight
Weight Watchers – Does Offer a meal planning tool (nothing close to Team Beachbody’s)

Team Beachbody – Your own personal blog to journal your progress and share your ideas and opinions
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t offer

Team Beachbody – Access to fitness articles and tips to help you maximize your workouts.
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t offer

Team Beachbody – Access to nutrition articles and tips to make healthy eating simple and satisfying
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t Offer

Team Beachbody – Access to new recipes and the recipe archives
Weight Watchers – Does have recipes

Team Beachbody – Access to WOWY SuperGym™, where you can schedule your workouts, track your progress, and be eligible to win cash and prizes up to $1,000 a day.
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t have

Team Beachbody – Your own personal Coach to link you to all the support, tools, and motivation you need to reach your goals
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t Have

Team Beachbody – Access to Facebook Accountability Group Pages from your Team Beachbody Coach
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t have

Team Beachbody – Access to the Cooldown Chatroom, to chat live with other Team Beachbody® members after your workout
Weight Watchers – Has forums that you can chat in and post messages

Team Beachbody – Your personal Message Center to get and receive messages, workout invitations, and Buddy requests
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t have

Team Beachbody – Helpful fitness tools to get the most out of every workout.
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t have

Team Beachbody – Workout Buddies to keep you motivated and inspired.
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t have

Team Beachbody – Beachbody News Network videos for all the latest Team Beachbody headlines.
Weight Watchers – Doesn’t have

Team Beachbody – Access to the Message Boards.
Weight Watchers – Does have

Team Beachbody – Weekly newsletters and access to the newsletter archives
Weight Watchers – Does have

Team Beachbody – is only $39 every 3 months with no sign up fee which averages out to $2.99 a week.
Weight Watchers – costs $29.95 for the sign up fee, $53.85 for 3 months which is $83.80 just to start! Even if they let you sign up free you will still have to pay the $53.85 for your first 3 months

So many reasons why Team Beachbody Club is the best and most cost effective choice out there.  So in the battle of Team Beachbody vs. Weight Watchers, Team Beachbody winds hands down. But, Team Beachbody doesn’t only defeat Weight Watchers, but will defeat any weight loss program, system and club available on the market today!”

So if you are considering getting into shape and Weight Watchers is where you are leaning, remember to consider the features, the price, and the success rate of Weight Watchers AND Beachbody.  If you choose Beachbody, remember that I am here for you and I want you to succeed.  I will personally guide you with any choices you make or questions you may have.  I am a Coach, and your SUCCESS is my ultimate goal.  I am not in this business strictly for the money.  I am passionate about heath, fitness and motivating others to see the same results I have seen using Beachbody programs.  However, if after you compare, you still choose Weight Watchers, that’s great too!  The fact is, you are choosing a method that you believe will give you the most success.  You weighed the facts and you made your decision, and I can only wish you the best of luck.  Weight Watchers is a great program; I have seen its successes in those around me.  But just remember, if you ever want to take the chance on the more cost-effective Beachbody Club, I will be here to guide you 100%!

And just remember this in closing:  Weight Watchers may have Jennifer Hudson, but Beachbody (think, P90X) has had Sheryl Crow, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Usher, Jenny Garth, Poppy Montgomery, Emmet Smith, Ray Lewis, David Akers, Donovan McNabb, Kelly Slater, Pink, Joe Fatone, Jason Scheff, Blake Shelton, Brian Wilson, Taylor Lautner, Paul Ryan, Rob Gronkowski…and more REAL PEOPLE than you can count! :)

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