The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

Sculpt Your Ultimate Physique with Autumn & Sagi! With The Master’s Hammer & Chisel,
discover the most effective way to lose fat and reveal the muscle and definition you’ve always wanted.

Do you want to see MAJOR results and sculpt a physique you’re PROUD to show off? Can you commit to following a simple meal plan and working out 30-45 minutes a day? Do you want a proven system that is guaranteed to deliver RESULTS and reveal the sleek, toned, strong body you have inside?! You can do ALL of this with The Master’s Hammer & Chisel! If you’re ready to reach inside yourself and find your power – waking up muscles and stabilizers you never knew you had, then you can see results you never thought possible. You’ll focus on Stabilization, Strength, and Power to rapidly build, sculpt, and refine your physique. Combine this with proven portion-control nutrition and you’ll build a body that’s strong, chiseled, and defined. So join me, Autumn, Sagi and a handful of others who want to get CHISELED beyond belief!  

I’m interested! I want RESULTS! How do I take this on?!

Step 1: Get your hands on a copy of The Master’s Hammer & Chisel ASAP! The start date will be August 14, 2016 – getting us FIT FOR FALL! To get registered, just place your order for Hammer & Chisel and pick up any flavor of Shakeology. The easiest way and most cost-effective way to do this will be with the Master’s Hammer & Chisel Challenge Pack or the Master’s Hammer & Chisel Performance Pack which will get you everything you need at a bundle price to save you serious cash!   

Step 2: Make sure that Melissa Goodrich is assigned to you as your coach. If you do not already have a coach, this should automatically happen when you pick up your program through this website. If you already have a coach other than myself, please contact them about when they will be hosting their next challenge group or email me personally so we can find a solution! You must verify that you are a member of my team before I can add you to our group!

Step 3: Commit to following the Master’s Hammer & Chisel program from start to finish, drinking Shakeology and interacting with the other group members via email, Facebook and any other methods of communication you’d like. (Note: this challenge will have its own dedicated PHONE APP! So fear not if you don’t have Facebook!)

Step 4: Be sure to register for this challenge ASAP! The start date is going to show up faster than you realize, and I don’t want you to miss out! If you want to get LEAN & STRONG, put the STOP on a soft & squishy figure AND wow yourself with results, this is the answer! The absolute DEADLINE for registration will be August 12, 2016. But why wait? Get it now, get a priority spot in the group, save money with the Challenge Pack and be READY TO GO on August 14! (Special note: if you order your program after August 5, you will need to have access to Beachbody On Demand in order to participate! If your DVDs don’t arrive by the start date, you will need “BOD” to do your workouts! All On Demand users who order The Master’s Hammer & Chisel will automatically have the workouts show up in their library within 48 hours.  OR, if you are already a Team Beachbody Club member, you can purchase the DIGITAL UPGRADE for a MAJOR discount!)

If you’re ready to get serious, give 100% focus, build muscle, burn fat, get fit, have fun, follow the program, and actively take part in the group, you WILL see results. You WILL get in the best shape of your life. You WILL get STRONG, FIT and CHISEL YOUR PHYSIQUE in just 30-45 minutes a day! No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced fitness veteran in search of a change of pace, we will customize this program for you! You will amaze yourself!

I’m ready to commit to The Master’s Hammer & Chisel and GIVE MY ALL with Autumn Calabrese & Sagi Kalev! I’m ready to take CONTROL of my fitness and nutrition and BLOW myself away with my results! I’m ready to commit to a program that will give me MIND BLOWING results because I’m CHISELING and CARVING my physique! I’m ready to commit to my daily Shakeology and/or the proper supplements to keep my body and brain operating at TOP SPEED! I’M READY TO GET CHISELED!

Questions? Concerns?  Visit the FAQ section.