21 Day Healthy
Habits Challenge

Give me 21 days of focus, and I will help you get to
know your body, mind & nutrition. We will work
together to form healthier habits.

My “21 Day Habits Challenge” is similar to every other challenge group, except that there is no program requirement and no purchase required. The only requirement is that you sign up for a FREE account with me, you commit to being an active participant in our Facebook group for 21 full days, you have an open mind and a willingness to try new things, and you do your best to be honest, real and get active! If active to you is taking a walk around the block 3 times a week, do it! If active is running a marathon, do it! Whatever “active” means to you, I want you to DO IT!

I’m interested – what do I have to do?

Step 1: Fill out this application form so I know who’s interested! You have to fill out the form in order for me to know you are curious. The application is not an obligation – it just gets us talking! This free challenge has attracted a LOT of interest, so this is the only way for me to keep track of EVERYONE who wants to be involved! Steps 2-4 will be covered by email after you fill out the application, but here’s what to expect:

Step 2: Get a free account with Team Beachbody. This makes SURE you are a part of my team – and this way I can personally be accountable to YOU! Also, should you decide to try out a product at any time during our 21 days or after, it ensures you remain a part of my network and that I will always be your personal coach! If you already have a coach other than myself, please contact them about when they will be hosting their next challenge group or contact me so we can find a solution! You must verify that you are a member of my team before I can add you to our group!

Step 3: Commit to signing in to our Facebook group every day, adding physical activity of some kind to your daily life, and interacting with the other group members via email, Facebook and any other methods of communication you’d like. The commitment is to being active – both in your fitness & nutrition AND in our challenge! Participation is what makes this possible!

Step 4: Be sure to tell me “YES!” or “NO” before the Friday before each start date! Once the group begins, no new members will be added!

As long as you commit to 21 days and actively take part in the group, you WILL see results. You WILL get some solid habits formed. You WILL be on your way to being the healthiest and fittest you’ve ever been!

I’m ready to get ON TRACK.  I’m ready to get HEALTHY.  I’m ready to finally bust that plateau and get into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!  Are YOU?!

Questions? Concerns?  Visit the FAQ section.